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About the Author - Norm Robillard, PhD

My Credentials

My name is Norm Robillard. I wrote this new book, "Heartburn Cured. I hold a Ph.D. in microbiology from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst with post doctoral training at Tufts University, Department of Molecular Biology under famed researcher Michael Malamy (recognized by his pioneering work on genes which allow bacteria to utilize carbohydrates). I have published numerous peer review journal articles and presented at scientific meetings around the world. Over the last twenty five years I have conducted medical research holding positions at both pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. My research has contributed to the development of medicines to improve human health. Recently, I turned my attention to treating chronic acid reflux, a serious medical problem, without using expensive medicines that are known to have limited efficacy and long term health risks.

My Passion for a Cure

I have suffered extensively with heartburn and speak first hand of the symptoms as well as my dramatic new and effective diet based on the glycemic index.. I have been heartburn free for two years now without using any antacids or acid reducing medicines. My research-based GI approach is quite effective for heartburn treatment and my book explains digestion from a completely new and holistic perspective challenging conventional medical dogma. Billions of dollars are made each year by treating the symptoms instead of the underlying root cause of the disease. My honest and factual application of the glycemic Index to treating this disease is supported with journal articles and the experiences of physicians and researchers in the field.

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