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People who try this approach (yes, even former Playboy Bunny Kelleigh Nelson) report the rapid elimination of heartburn within one or two days after implementing my glycemic Index based heartburn diet. Imagine eliminating heartburn in a couple of days. Below are responses from people who have tried this approach.

Mark Conover, Northern California

It's now been a little over three weeks since I started your program, and I remain heartburn free.  Oh, I've had a couple of episodes of heartburn--one, for reasons I don't understand, the other my fault entirely (testing the waters, so to speak)--but I haven't had anything like what I used to experience.

I can't tell you how grateful I am that your program actually works.  Over the years, I've tried literally everything:  herbs such as slippery elm and ginger, dandelion and nettle teas, drinking apple cider vinegar and lemon juice, avoiding "trigger" foods, cutting out alcohol, vegetarianism, raw foods, and a lot of fresh juicing, listening to quacks telling me that bananas and pasta "absorb" excess acid in the stomach.  And, of course, the Prilosec, Zantac, Tagamet, and my favorite, Arm & Hammer.  You name it, and I'm sure I've forgotten lots of other remedies.  But nothing that actually promised curing heartburn.  Your theory actually works, and keeps working.

My wife liked the idea that I lost 10 pounds, (unintentionally of course) so now she's on it too.  And I have some friends I've told who are interested in curing their heartburn as well.  I've referred them to your web site, but don't know if they've connected with you yet.  It'll happen, maybe by word of mouth, but the truth will be known. - Mark

Annette Kahle, OD, Pine Bush, NY

I want to express my sincere thanks for your publication, “Heartburn Cured.” I ordered two copies recently, and sent one to a relative in Florida who has chronic respiratory symptoms. I tried a similar approach a few years back and met with some success. Recently, I “fell of the wagon” and suffered with disastrous results. (I was hospitalized in July with symptoms consistent with heart attack). I am pleased to report it was not a heart attack, angina, aneurysm, nor embolism, but rather acute esophageal spasm brought on by none other than our friend, gastroesophageal reflux. While OTC H2-blockers and proton pump inhibitors easily handled the acid component, the upper intestinal gas was uncontrollable. My gastroenterologist was convinced that a lifetime of antacid use was a necessary reality for me, and felt no compunction to figure out why I had excessive gas. He didn't even offer a diet plan for me.

After one week of “decompression”, the first phase of your diet, I was symptom free, medication free, gas free and needless to say, absolutely ecstatic. I gave my copy of your book to my internist (who had initially referred me to my gastroenterologist), so I need a new copy.

I am an optometrist and during the course of exams, I review health and medical histories, and I am astounded at the number of people on proton pump inhibitors. May I please have extra copies of your business cards so I can distribute them to my patients? I believe so strongly in your common sense approach, and I thank you for the dietary recommendations that have resulted in my ability to end reflux forever. - Annette

Snow McIsaac, Point Reyes Station, CA (Recent News Letter Raffel Winner)
Dr. Robillard,
I just want to thank you for changing my life! Your book is amazing. I am now off of all heartburn medicine that I have been taking for years. I have been telling everyone about your book and giving out your web address to friends, family, coworkers, and complete strangers at stores:-)
Thank you!
Snow McIsaac
Duane Conder, Bay Area, California
Just like you claim, my symptoms (heartburn & coughing) were gone in 2 days. Four days later I stopped taking the meds. A week later I was able to lay flat in bed as opposed to a 60-degree angle. What's more, I have lost almost 20 lbs. I have been telling everyone about your book and the diet and I've given out all those cards you included. So thanks for putting this book out- it's a real life changer, now let's see if we can get more people turned on to your program. - Duane
Fran Mercurio, Livonia, Michigan
Your book was very helpful and informative.  My son who suffered for years no longer takes any meds.  I had a detached retina 3 weeks ago and during my recovery, one day I hardly ate anything.  In the evening about a half hour before I went to bed, I had a big dish of ice cream.  I tossed and turned all night with heartburn.  It felt like my stomach contents were at the top of my throat and just burning away.  I remember thinking why would I be having this?  I barely ate all day and nothing spicy????  Then I remembered the ice cream and your book.  It is just amazing.  In my daily travels I inform even total strangers of your findings if the subject somehow comes up. I just want to spread the word.  We need to get you some publicity.  I'm sure there are several magazines that would publish an article on your work along with a nice headline on the front cover!  Think of how many people would be helped.  (Think of all the drug companies that would be mad.) - Fran
Kara MacLaverty, Amherst, Massachusetts

It's been about 6 months since I met you on the airplane, and I am pleased to say that after we talked and I read your book, I tried following the diet which you suggested.  In the past 6 months, I have not yet taken Nexium and have had minimal heartburn issues. My roommate doesn't have to deal with the ongoing cough I used to have, I don't get raging heartburn like I used to, and I don't have to remember to take my pill every morning.  I thought I would let you know what I think because I am really grateful that we met.  I can't stress enough how much your book helped me and how much more I enjoy the day without having to deal with heartburn.  So, I guess I just want to say thanks, and I wish you the best of luck with the next book.  I hope that it gets to other people who where in the situation I was.  Talk to you soon! - Kara

Gary Meyer, Retired Police Officer, North Dakota

I received your book and, as of about three weeks now, I have felt the best I have for some time. I have had lots of scopes, my gallbladder removed and numerous PPIs. I started your diet on January 19, 2006 and this is the first check up after I had blood work done. BP was 114/78, the best it's been in over ten years. I still take meds though. Triglycerides were down 100 points and I was told to stop taking meds. Cholesterol was 170, down from 230. Good cholesterol was up, bad cholesterol was down, again still take meds. I now take Nexium once a day instead of twice 40 mg. I have lost twenty pounds. Since I started this diet plan, my chest pain, which for me was the worst, was gone after two or three days. Now, I feel great and seem to sleep better too. At least for me, the diet seems to be the answer. In June I'm going to see the GI Doc and taking your book. Hopefully gain some insight into where this Barretts situation truly is at. Still by far for me, is the fact that chest pain is gone, which has been life changing for myself.

Best wishes,

Gary Meyer

Kelleigh Nelson, Former Playboy Bunny, Knoxville TN

You cannot go wrong with this book! Do you suffer with really bad GERD? (gastroesophageal reflux disease). Then here is the answer for you. This diet stops the entire acid reflux problem and allows you to once again live a normal life. No more angling of the bed, no more waiting three to four hours after your nightly meal to lay down, no more PILLS! You can live normally again and even enjoy your wine or cocktails without agony of reflux. If you want to maintain a healthy weight, this is also a great diet to be on. I am so greatful to Dr. Robillard for writing this book and saving my life. The pain I experienced before reading his book was horrid...I hurt all the time, went to bed with a heating pad every night and cried about my life being over...but then, hallelujah...I found this book and am back to enjoying life and feeling great.

If you suffer, please, please please try this diet and read this book. Tests at Duke University back up this whole premise, but Dr. Robillard tells you why. Save yourself the pain, get off the pills, and enjoy life again. Yes there are restrictions, but the few you have to make are worth it for the benefits of feeling great again!

I love you Dr. saved my life! - Kelleigh!

Mary Villagomez, Teacher, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Last August I had a Nissen after being on double dose PPI's and 300mg's Ranitidine for two years. I had suffered awful LPR and initially got relief (about 80 %) from the meds, but gradually they lost their effectiveness. So, I opted for the surgery since I'm only 43 and a life time of half-effective drugs did not seem prudent. The surgery was fairly successful and I was off the meds. Then, early last month, I had an awful flare-up. Back were the froggy throat, coughing, and mucous clumps. It was bad enough where I started back on PPI's. I was very concerned and depressed about it.

I ordered Norm's book and started his diet. I felt improvement within the first three days. I went off the PPI's. My throat has not felt this normal in ages. I'm a teacher and my throat no longer hurts at the end of the day, even if I yell at the kids ; ).The flexibility of this diet lets it be a realistic way of eating. And I feel healthy eating so many vegetables! Thank you Norm, for your research into this matter and writing your book. I feel like I have a little control over my symptoms now. - Mary

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