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Read HeartBurn Cured Book Review by New York Times Best Selling Author Dr. Michael Eades and and Health Advocacy Group, Pinnicle Care

Review of Heartburn Cured

by Dr Michael Eades, the author of the New York Times best seller, Protein Power.

"A biochemist friend of mine told me that he knew a microbiologist who had a theory as to why low-carb diets stopped GERD cold that involved bacterial overgrowth. I told my friend that I didn't think that bacteria had anything to do with it, but he persisted and gave the microbioligist my email address. The microbiologist contacted me and we agreed to meet for coffee.

Norm Robillard is the microbiologist and he himself has been a GERD sufferer for years. As we drank coffee he outlined for me his theory of why GERD happens and why a low-carb diet fixes it. His theory makes perfect sense, and now that I understand it, I buy into it 100 percent.

Dr. Robillard has written a book entitled Heartburn Cured that explains in detail what happens to people who are genetically predisposed to GERD when they eat too many carbohydrates and explains why restricting carbs makes it go away. The book is an excellent primer on gastroentestinal physiology written in simple terms and it should be in the library of every serious low-carber. Anyone with GERD should get a copy immediately.

I have no financial affiliation with Dr. Robillard. I believe his book will become a classic. Thanks to his research and his book in several years everyone will know why GERD happens and what to do about it.

I can't recommend Heartburn Cured highly enough."

-Dr. Michael Eades

Review of Heartburn Cured

by PinnacleCare, Healthcare advocacy group

"Conventional Wisdom vs. New Miracle Diet Theory Conventional dietary practices to diminish heartburn include strict elimination of spicy foods, caffeine, alcohol, fatty foods, and carbonated soft drinks. Recently, however there has been growing interest in an apparent connection between heartburn and the consumption of excess carbohydrates. The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases reports, The Committee is aware of new research which indicates a controlled carbohydrate diet may dramatically reduce the incidence of gastroesophageal reflux. PinnacleCare seeks out cutting edge research and offers its Members both sides from the world of medicine: both new and tried-and-true. Many anecdotal treatments considered folly by yesterday's physicians, such as the value of vitamins, have now become accepted by the established medical community. In the case of the touted heartburn diet miracle developed by microbiologist Norm Robillard, PhD., PinnacleCare Advocate Barb MacLaverty reports dramatic results from Members who have tried the diet, including her own young daughter. Dr. Robillard, himself a heartburn sufferer who sought both relief and cancer risk reduction, developed a controlled carbohydrate approach resulting in a complete cessation of his own symptoms. His heartburn research points away from trigger foods and towards a different culprit: the ability of intestinal microbes to produce large amounts of gas from carbohydrates, but not fats and proteins. In his book HEARTBURN CURED, Dr. Robillard shows how limiting carbohydrates in our diets can prevent microbes from producing large volumes of gas, thus eliminating acid reflux. According to PinnacleCare's Dr. Varn, the diet's heartburn results need further study, yet Dr. Varn sees few risk in following the diet, Reducing high carbohydrates is helpful for weight loss which is clearly a smart move to diminish heartburn."

- PinnacleCare News Letter

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