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If you are visiting this web site, heartburn symptoms are likely well known to you, or someone you care about. Symptoms can include intense burning in the chest behind the breastbone, small regurgitations and extreme discomfort. Heartburn is caused by stomach acid backing up into the esophagus, but the resulting damage to the esophagus is caused not only by the acid but reflux of intestinal contents including bile and many digestive enzymes from the small intestine. Acid reducing drugs only lower the acid conten of the stomacht. They do not stop the reflux of stomach and intestinal contents.

Heartburn is the most common complaint associated with GERD but there are other symptoms associated with reflux that include a sour taste, belching, regurgitation, sore throat, hoarseness, laryngitis (remember the Ashley Simpson Saturday Night Live lip syncing story) painful swallowing, persistent cough, asthma, gingivitis, dental erosion, bad breath, and earaches. I personally have experienced chronic coughing associated with GERD. I was prescribed prescription strength acid reducing medicine because the over the counter medication I was taking was not strong enough. Prior to writing this book (and completely curing my heartburn), I had no idea how common this symptom is, and given the complications that can arise like asthma, cough and even pneumonia, these symptoms receive special attention in my book.

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